A Word of Thanks from Handyman Hardware Owner Rick Heuser

I just want to give a shout out to all of Handyman Hardware’s customers. Your support, patience, and understanding leading up to and following #Irma has been awesome. I’ve always felt that we had the best customers in the world, and what I experienced this week proves it.

Customers were helping other customers, offering to bring in umbrellas to provide shade while we pumped propane in the sun for hours, and trades people giving advice on how to prepare for the storm and make repairs afterward.

In addition, Do it Best Corp. really came through for us. We were able to receive 3 additional deliveries prior to the storm as well as our normal delivery the day afterwards. When you consider that the trucks came from South Carolina, the warehouse loaders and drivers did an outstanding job.

I really appreciate that people have been stopping me outside the store and thanking me for the assistance that we were able to provide.

It is very humbling. Please, please, please be sure to thank those that worked the hardest… our staff. Norm, Mike, John, Lena and Charlie all really gave their all to try to assist our customers.

They worked long hours, coming in early and staying late to make sure that trucks got unloaded, product checked in, customers served, and keeping the store safe and clean.


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