Five Great Tips In De-cluttering!

decluttering tipsIf you live alone, you don’t have to tolerate anyone’s clutter  – but your own. But, if you add another human to the household, then you’ll most likely butt heads over how and when stuff is stored, piled, and placed away.

Here are 5 tips on dealing with a clutter-er:

1. Determine if arguments about clutter are really power struggles or inefficient storage of home items. Is the rift really about piles of paper or an attempt to acquire more control? If you can’t figure this out, perhaps th enext step is consulting a professional organizer or counselor.

2. To reduce stress in your home, designate “clutter free” and “clutter friendly” areas. Perhaps the guests-only living room is a No Clutter space, while a mudroom, shop-area or small den can accommodate some clutter. Also, investigate unusual places to store clutter, like under the stairs, or these space-saving hacks. Handyman Hardware has many organizing items that will help even the smallest of spaces become an organizer’s dream.

3. Suggest that your “clutter-er” digitalize records and read magazines on a computer pad. That will help you make that pile of LP’s finally go away! Back up any digital versions you have – two times… test your backups and back up again before destroying the original. An untested backup is really not a backup!

4. Don’t attempt to find clutter solutions in the heat of an argument. Set a specific time to discuss clutter styles (when tempers have cooled down a bit), and throw in some humor to lighten the atmosphere. That;s an importanbtr tip unless you like to argue.

5. Try the “5 things” approach. Ask your clutter bug to put/throw away five items each time he or she enters a room. Sooner or later, the space will empty out the space and you’ll be able to plan how to really fix the issue for the long haul!

These are 5 simple tips to look at in how you can better organize your home space. Stop by Handyman Hardware in St. Cloud and ask us about storage and organizing… you’ll be amazed by what we have in stock to help!


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