You Can Do It Best… By Yourself!

Why don’t you give the guy a call that does that? Because you don’t need that guy! You can absolutely do it yourself. It’s true, DIY isn’t as hard as some would make you believe. We suggest leaving the electrical work and the water work to the electricians and plumbers, but anything else, why not… give it a try, just go slow, investigate and enjoy yourself. You’ll find it’s not so difficult and you’ll be able to tell y our friends for years that you did it!

Once you’ve been a DIY “semi-pro” you should have a tool shed that your friends will be jealous of, but when starting out, there are just a few tools you definitely need. Here are the ones we suggest at Handyman Hardware in St. Cloud to start out with!

• Saw
• Claw Hammer
• Flat Head Screwdriver
• Cordless Drill
• Utility Knife
• Phillips Screwdriver

If you’re still in doubt about any of these tools, stop by and see us at Handyman Hardware in St. Cloud.


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