Really Easy Bathroom Upgrade

So, the holidays are here and you’ve got family coming in…and that bathroom has really been on your last nerve. If you’re feeling pinched on time and money, here’s a great way to update without much of either.

Paint the cabinets! You’ll get rid of the flaking varnish, water damage, and smears of paint from poorly executed wall paint jobs in a few hours.


  • Remove Hardware
  • Clean
  • Sand
  • Use Denatured Alcohol
  • Prime & Seal
  • Paint
  • Replace Hardware and Re-hang


  • Degreaser Spray + sponge
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • 220 Grit Sand Paper
  • Primer & Sealer Paint
  • Semi Gloss Paint
  • Disposable Foam Brush
  • Small Foam Roller
  • Door Hinges and Handles (optional)

Step 1. Remove Hardware – Unscrew all the handles and door hinges, including the hinges from the backs of the doors.

Step 2. Clean the Cabinets – For best results, use a general purpose kitchen degreaser spray and a scrubby sponge. (No matter how well you clean your house, don’t skip this step and pay special attention to frequently touched like the corners of cabinet doors.)

Step 3. Sanding (optional) – Look closely at the doors to see if they feel rough or are rippling from flaking varnish and water damage; use 220 grit sand paper on just the rough parts until the wood feels smooth.

Step 4. Wipe with Denatured Alcohol – Denatured alcohol works to remove any leftover dust or grease from the wood. Keep the area well-ventilated, pour some alcohol on paper towel, and rub the doors.

Step 5. Prime – Tape off around the cabinet edges with painter’s tape and prime the cabinet using a primer and sealer and a disposable foam brush. The foam brush gives a thin coat without brush strokes. Prime the doors as well.

Step 6. Painting – Using a foam roller for a super smooth finish, go over the cabinets and the doors with your choice of paint color.

Step 7. Rehang the Doors – Allow about 24 hours, and begin installing the doors. If you replace the hardware, try to exactly match the holes exactly for the best result.

Special notes on installing new hinges. In the packaging you’ll find:

  • 6 Flat head screws- for attaching the brackets to the door backs
  • 4 Rounded head screws- for attaching the doors to the cabinet housing
  • 2 Foam Pads- for sticking to the corners of the doors

The screws that go into the doors are slightly shorter than the others and have a flat head. The ones that go into the cabinet housing are longer and have more of a rounded head.

Stop by HANDYMAN HARDWARE & SUPPLY for all your painting and cabinet hardware needs. We’re here to help!


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