White Distilled Vinegar… Who Knew?

Most everyone knows that ordinary white distilled vinegar can be a powerful and safe cleaner around the house. It’s acidity makes it useful in many way. So, it hit me that there was a use in my house that would be perfect for vinegar!

Our shower head had gotten so clogged that there were actually portions of the shower head where no water was coming out. I couldn’t believe that vinegar would clear it up at first, but everything I’ve read said that it would, so I gave it a chance.

First, I filled a Ziploc bag with white distilled vinegar.

Then, I put the bag around the shower head, and used a couple of rubber bands to help secure it to the shower head itself.

The next step was the easy: I let it sit overnight and into the next morning.

The next morning when it was shower time, I removed the Ziploc bag and vinegar from the shower head and turned it on. Voila…It worked! I was excited to see water was now flowing from the shower head where there once was no flow!

So, the next time you need something cleaned around your house, before you head to the store to buy a cleaner specific to hard water spots… consider buying a bottle of white distilled vinegar!


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